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Freeing you for a healthier,

sustainable future

You've got where you are today through a ton of massive changes, experiences, joys and disappointments.  At this time of life you want to create a life that you can enjoy to the max.  You wish that for yourself, your children and grandchildren.


How can you access reliable energy and service at a predictable cost that enhances your lifestyle and gives back to or enhances the planet - so that generations to come can enjoy it too?


This is not going to suit everybody.  If you are impatient or unwilling to wait for governments and regulations to direct you to an alternative energy abundant future this should be a great resource and entrance to strategies and products you can employ for an independently resourceful future. 


There will be others like you.  Together such people, connected together, will lead the way to a really sustainable furture that will provide a world our children and grandchildren can enjoy.

Products and services

With alternative energy technology rapidly improving and costs falling, IAltEn will be delivering new cutting edge products that will enhance people's lives.  By sourcing innovative processes and the best possible materials, highly effective, useful and well-priced units will be made available as rapidly as possible.

LED Light Technology
Energy Harvesting
Energy Storage and Control
About us

Starting with an interest in clean green nuclear fusion technology that you can explore further in our main information site, allowed us to see the rapid changes in technology currently going on.  Huge cost savings are rapidly occurring that will allow you to benefit from cheap energy harvesting and use opportunities too. 

Latest News 
It's Here!
February 2016

The StarkBrite Searchlight Personal Headlight currently on Indiegogo for crowdfunding.

Initial Offerings

July 6


Our initial product offering will be in LED headlights.  By using the superior CREE emitter technology, a purer, brighter output can be achieved.  As a sport or hunting aid or as backup light in the home for dark cupboard spaces or blackouts, it will be absolutely superb.

House Lighting

July 07


With all the changes in technology going on right now there is a great opportunity for you to access cutting edge, cost saving, stylish solutions that will last you for years.  Soon to come!

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