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We established iAltEn to supply you with the best means to achieve a healthier, less costly lifstyle.  Why should you not benefit from all that nature is showering on you each day rather than paying others to provide it for you?


By beginning with initial product offerings on, expanding as we grow our base, we seek to bring you the best opportunities to benefit your lifestyle as soon as they become available.


Starting some years ago exploring possibilities for alternative energy that could save our planet and be cheaper than what we already had, we have moved to create a means for many others to benefit from these too.


Products initially will be  built to utilise what people currently have available to improve their options.  As the company expands it is expected further innovative, ground-breaking units to harvest the energy around us will be supplied.


About iAltEn

Our Company
Scope of Benefits

Starting from an awareness and interest in future energy technology, we have been pursuing a large number of new development areas.  With a huge number of ground-breaking developments now available in the world we believe we can begin accessing a number of these sequentially for the benefit of many. 

Both individual people, with their families, and businesses can look to even better outcomes than we have had in the past with a new approach to how we access our energy, heating and lighting needs and also the way we build our houses and commercial areas.


We are fortunate to live at a time when new technologies are breaking the price point of older ones. We live at a point of change.  We no longer are held hostage to great companies supplying our every need.  We have the ability to access energy, water, light and food for ourselves if we could just have access to these devleopments.

Our aim is to make these available for all people at a price point that is affordable and appropriate to wherever people live.  There is so much available.  We just need access to it.

Environment & Sustainability

We have this great one world to share with everyone on it.  Past practices have made a point of stripping reaources while they were available and before others used them.  Yet there is so much available in the world, constantly offered to us if we will utilise them in a responsible and aware manner.

Our aim is to pursue technologies that are light on the environment, ensure maximum benefits are achieved from all the energy available to us and give back to ensure our children and their children have a future.

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