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Just released for crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the StarkBrite Searchlight personal headlight has been designed as a military-grade, super rugged, daylight brilliant hands free headlight for multiple applications.  Incorporating North Carolina CREE Inc's latest LED emitter as a single source creates a long lasting, reliable light source, drawing on minimal power from high-density, repeatedly rechargeable litium ion batteries.


Housed in aircraft-grade aluminium it can withstand being driven over and still function effectively. The head allows for zooming out and in to create a wide beam for close illumination to a narrow long-distance bright light. Adjustable stretching headband material with a soft battery cover backing allows for hours of very comfortable wearing.  


Applications include backup bright working light for power outages, to mobile lighting for climbing, tramping, camping, road and off road cycling and home repairs.


Named after the hugely resourceful and widely respected explorer, adventurer and writer, Freya Stark it celebrates her ground-breaking travels through the Middle East and Asia relying on herself.  Shunning the comfort of the expatriates communities, this resiliant British woman became the close confidante of many influential women from the region while being recognised more than once by the Royal Geographical Society.


By playing on the well-known history of the socially promoted "Blair Witch Project" in its promotional video the StarkBrite Searchlight blasts darkness to daylight.


This crowdfunding initiative will be the first of a series of releases to promote and speed the availability of an increasing number of cutting edge alternative energy initiatives that could otherwise languish waiting for wider commitment from large industry.


Those interested in being part of  a push for quicker adoption of better alternative energy products that will give them, their children and grandchildren a better, more secure future can help back the project at the Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

This initiative failed for lack of backing.  There will be other developments in the future.  Watch out for them!

Press Release
Fast Facts
  • Released on Indiegogo on February 25, 2016

  • On 30 day funding campaign

  • By iAltEn Auckland New Zealand based company

  • Cree Inc T6 LED emitter - well balanced white light, low heat emission

  • Powered by twin lithium ion batteries 18650 type - also can be powered with triple AAA alkaline batteries

  • Body built from tough aircraft grade aluminium

  • Military grade ruggedness

  • Comfortable, adjustable headband fit

  • Battery cover shower-proof

  • Charging port sealable for greater weather resistance

  • Promotional video launches from "Blair Witch Project" idea - banishing the shadows.

  • Resistance to crushing when driven over by car demonstrated in promotional video

  • Initial low-cost product limited in numbers available

  • Designer black color on offer as well

  • Beginning of series of products for those seeking cutting edge, effective and efficient alternative energy products

  • Initial delivery of pre-ordered items expected June 2016

  • Named in honor of Freya Stark (1893-1993) - British explorer and adventurer.

  • Daylight bright illumination

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