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Beginning from's store, and expanding as the business grows, we will bring you the best possible products we can source to benefit your lifetsyle and home.  Many know there are more effective ways to achieve a much more comfortable and affordable lifestyle.  Great products should save you money and, if possible, allow you to make money.



Our aim is to make availble products you can use immediately to achieve these ends.  There is no more need to follow the crowd or wait for politicians to make decisions for you.  You can be that change the world so desperately needs, benefitting from those changes yourself.

Lighting Products 

The simplest things initially will be lighting.  Both mobile and fixed forms should enable an immediate benefit.


Now available are great LED lighting products utilising the best technology around.  Generally these are based on CREE technologies ongoing development.  Based in the USA in North Carolina, they have been constantly raising the bar for the most efficient and beautiful lighting technology.

Alternative Power Sources

Our aim is to supply you with the most efficient and effective alternative power delivery systems that have been and are being devised.



Many current options are based on a standard technology, that while quite efficient, has limitations with variable weather, cloud and seasons.  Our aim is the give you solutions for year round power without onging, rising bills.

Energy Storage

If we are going to use alternative power sources we need to best ways to store energy while it is available so we can use it when we need it.  

You want the best priced system with enough capacity to supply your family's daily needs without scrimping and altering your lifestyle to a limited supply.


Storing energy sets you free form utilities with their rising prices from supplying and increasingly strained system.

Building Products

If you could source the best products to make you home maximally comfortable and energy efficient at the best price, why wouldn't you want to save?


Best practice standards are usually not those currently required in local building codes.  Many do not require ridiculous expense.   They can even be less costly as people researching leading edge changes improve their products.  Why not be maximally comfortable?

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