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StarkBrite Searchlight Personal Light



The StarkBrite Searchlight personal headlight has been launched on the Indiegogo website for crowdfunding as the first initiative in the release of the series of products by iAltEn.  Behind this is the gaol to achieve widespread delivery of robust, highly effective, leading edge alternative energy products that will be life changing for the long term for people throughout the world.

As an LED headlight this provides a hand free accessory bright light useful for home based to hobby and sporting type activities.  Utilising cutting-edge Cree Inc from North Carolina, USA LED emitter technology encased in an aircraft grade aluminium military grade case ensures these units are highly effective and robust for daily life.


Whether needed for an emergency light in power outages to home based DIY jobs, or checking in the back of dark closets for that lost object it has superb brightness that enables you to do useful activities without strain.


With a maximally comfortable, stretch, adjustable headband your hands are left free to do those jobs you have put it on for.  Used as a bicycle light from a single LED emitter it will light the road for hundreds of yards ahead.  It has a focusing ring that allows you to adjust the beam from a wide coverage for closer work to a tight narrow beam that brilliantly illuminates the road for hundreds of yards ahead.

Camping, hiking, climbing and other adventure activities become a pleasure with the clear illumination, long battery life provided by two lithium ion rechargeable batteries and the tens of thousands of hours provided by the best LED emitter technology.


For those wanting to join in the crowdfunding effort to make to production of this possible, head on over to the Indiegogo page.  As I mentioned this is just the beginning of a line of initiatives to make a large number of alternative energy products available to the world.  Your contribution will be a step towards ongoing development and production of future technology.


For those who are first in line to be part of the initiative, there is a strictly limited number of StarkBrite Searchlight units available at a specially discounted price.  This includes the mailing charge within the price.  Head on over and register at the Indiegogo page and I will catch up with you again soon. 

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