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One of the early changes we saw that triggered our interest in providing quality products was documented in our major information website regarding lighting for homes.  So much energy had been invested to get people to embrace fluorescent lighting to save energy.  This in spite of the poor light quality and risks in disposal from contained mercury leaking into the environment.  We proposed LED lights were the way to go.  Right now LEDs are becoming the new standard,  Unfortunately some lesser quality options are being sold.  There are some real quality items available with more on the way,  We intend to offer these better items to benefit many.

Research & Development

Worldwide there have been great strides in the energy sector.  Even widely available current solar panels are becoming cheaper by the month.  Research is uncovering even more exciting possibilities that will make what we use now look ancient and ungainly within a very short time.

Energy Storage
Energy Harvesting

Wherever we live available energy is all around us.  We no longer need the vast ugly transmission lines we have grown up with.  Centralised energy production is unsightly, inefficient and very costly.  Why waste what nature is daily giving us.  Let's use it and enjoy a much more comfortable future!

So many detractors from alternative energy technologies point to the variable delivery of solar and wind technologies.  There are already ways around this as well as other energy options.  New storage technologies already offer efficient, cost-effective methods.  Even better, cheaper ones are just about due for release.

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